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Back at work and in the office today. All that writing and reading I'd planned on doing while I was off did not get done, though it's not unexpected - I'm not very good at sitting still when I'm not on the clock.

Went camping with the express purpose of hiking some trails and getting some kayaking in. Success on both fronts. The weather cooperated nicely, even if the brain didn't. Witness the litany of things I forgot to pack:
- a pot (amazing the number of things you can cook in a single frying pan in a pinch)
- a lid for the non-existent pot to put over the frying pan
- camp chairs (can be attributed to a lack of space)
- a strainer for pasta (used a slotted spatula to pick noodles out of the pan)
- a coffee pot of any sort (see comment #1 regarding the frying pan)(I have three camping perks in a bin under the stairs. There's no excuse for this one)
- pancake syrup (picked wild blueberries and used as substitute with extra bacon grease while cooking. Yum!)
- the dials for the camp stove that fell off and which I found and put in a VERY safe place LAST summer. (Used the pliers in my tackle box to turn the propane up or down - who needs eyebrows anyhow?)
- the frozen pork chops for one night's supper (thank god they never made it out of the freezer and not left sitting on the counter)
-Miscellaneous tongs, oven mitts, and other cooking-over-the-fire paraphernalia (I was a boy scout. I got this one with my eyes closed. Witness me brandishing my marshmallow roasting sticks!)

Books I did finish: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules (Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg) - The League of Pensioners, unsatisfied with the treatment at their retirement home, plan and execute a series of white collar crimes, escalating in a bank robbery. Tranlated from the original Swedish, it's both a fun read and a clever statement on the invisibility of aging.
Next up on the nightstand: Yiddish for Pirates (Gary Barwin). From the author's website: Set in the years around 1492, Yiddish for Pirates tells the story of Moishe, a young man who, enchanted by maps and seeking adventure, leaves the shtetl to join a ship’s crew. There he meets Aaron, our ribald yet philosophical parrot narrator who becomes his near-constant companion. With a beakful of Yiddish jokes, this wisecracking bird guides us through a swashbuckling world of pirate ships and exploits on the high seas.

Here, have a vacation picture:

panoramic view of rocky shoreline at dusk

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Have one of my kitty in a kayak from this evening

A cat in a life jacket in a kayak

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I have been to the big box hardware store twice today, and the local hardware store three times. I think this might be a personal best.

Sad part is it was mostly to get parts to correct things the original builders were too lazy to do properly.
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A lovely Colorado Low brought more snow in 24 hours than we've had all winter, so snow day yesterday. Which is a lot less fun than it used to be when I was a kid. The nature of my job makes it that I can work from pretty much anywhere I can pick up enough of a signal to launch a VPN connection. (seriously, I once spent the day perched on a bucket in a storage closet/server room, several more in a walk-in freezer - fun times) But a day of working from the sofa with a cat on my lap still beats a day of sitting in an office chair. (and the coffee's better)

tldr whining over the state of recreation... )

However, people reblogging Starbuck picspam on Tumblr really makes my day. You know who you are. *g*

Finally got around to downloading P!nk's Greatest Hits... So Far - note to self: don't sing along with the explicit lyrics at work. Pay attention dammit!

Today's XKCD not so unlike messing with the Fine Arts students in astronomy class at uni. (and totally appeals to my inner 8yo *cue Beavis and Butthead laughter*)

Flaily things: [personal profile] dieastra's action figure theater is getting some nice attention (and well deserved - even if you're not a DW or Torchwood fan, the attention to detail she puts into each of these is amazing and worth checking out)
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It is almost proven that the length of time required to finish the third period of a hockey game is directly proportional to the number of degrees below freezing it is in the arena spectator area.

In other words...I don't think I'll ever be warm and not aching again. And it's not even January yet.
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I would just like to say that Here is probably one of the few places on earth where one might find themselves shooing a raccoon off the road with one's hockey stick at 11:00pm, where said raccoon was licking god-knows-what off the yellow line and was quite oblivious to the fact that it nearly ended up becoming *part* of that line it was so fond of. In the middle of a snow squall. In October.

Ironically, two weeks ago, we were setting records with 28C temps. This morning I hauled out the tuques (that's 'beanies' to the rest of you non-northpeople) and gloves. My fears that the unseasonal shorts-weather was the harbinger of the apocalypse have been assuaged. For now.

Took advantage of the weather and finally, finally tracked down the so-called pebble in my car speaker and discovered it was actually cross-talk on the speaker wires *before* I took half the car apart, so that was lucky. And also changed the spark plugs, even though I was told "Naw, Zip, you got at least another twenty thousand kilometers left on them." "I don't know, Chuck, it's running kind of rough. Sell me some just to have as spares?" For the record, spark plugs with 20K left should *not* look like they were run through an incinerator. My little car has balls again, she does.

Speaking of snow squall... )

What's new with y'all?
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Endgadget has the specs on the new iPhone. It's not the iPhone5, but rather the iPhone4s, but it does come with a dual core processor. Available from Sprint in the US on October 14th. Ironically, is down at the moment.

This interests me the most (since really, it's a camera I can make phone calls and surf the web on):
On the back is also a new camera that sports an 8-megapixel camera with a backside illuminated CMOS sensor for better low-light performance. The lens now comes packed in a new 5-element assembly with a hybrid IR filter and sports apertures down to f/2.4.

Translation: It's fast and sharp close-up. And you could probably make some decent sized prints. (my DSLR is only 10-megapixels but I have 12x14 prints that looks nice and sharp)

First hockey game tonight. Tomorrow is going to hurt. Also provincial election day. As I said, tomorrow is probably going to hurt.

Rewatched Fringe 4.02 last night (this time without Fox's simulcast unsynching the sound from the picture, which is really distracting), and I take it back - there are some brilliant, if subtle, moments I missed the first time around.

Aaaaannnd... I'm pretty sure writing would be easier if my brain didn't need to know ALL THE BACKSTORY, regardless of if were actually being used or not.
Dear Self, it is not important why they are in the car, or where they are going, or any divergent history that may or may not change the name of 'Stockholm Syndrome'. What matters is they are pulling over to talk and... um... maybe other stuff... okay? Got it?
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~One day I will actually listen to the lyrics of a song before I drive everyone around me nuts humming it. Problem is that it's catchy and I tend to gravitate towards the audio texture before the words. (there's a Britney Spears song - don't judge me - with a passage that starts out with the treble turned right off, then it fades in until it's equalized with the base that is just like candy to the audio parts of my brain... kind of like how catching the light hitting an object a certain way just takes my breath away and demands a photo be taken)

Or, you know, my husband telling me "You know that Mumford and Son's album, half the songs are about death, right?"


~Starting to get the hang of Tumblr. Sort of. Except for the part with the animated gifs that make my eyes cross and I can't find a way to make them stop moving. (I'm ADD enough without things flashing in my peripheral vision) I am getting too old for this internet thing...hey look! Shiny thing!

~My Fringe DVDs have crossed the border (which makes it sound like they snuck across in the dead of night and under threat of deportation). And my order from MEC is on its way. I love online tracking, except for the part where it's addictive and I keep hoping that if I hit refresh just one more time, TODAY will be the day that my packages will leave the distribution centers and show up in my mailbox.

~On Sunday, it was 29C. This morning it was -2C. With frost. Am currently wearing wool socks. (which I like, don't get me wrong). I'm just not ready for this insta-fall weather. And I can't find my ice scraper for my car.

~Celebrated our 10-year shacking up anniversary at the end of last month. I love living in a country that will legalize just about anything as long as they can figure out a way to get more taxes out of you.