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So I went to see The Dark Tower on the weekend. Having been burnt by pretty much all the movie adaptations of Stephen King novels, the only expectation I had going in was that Idris Elba would be awesome.

Idris Elba did not disappoint )
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Date night. Going to see The Dark Tower.

I have been waiting for this movie since I was 11.
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I need to remember to actually post, instead of just writing them in my head...

Penguins of Madagascar - meh. What was funny in small doses is not so much over the course of ninety minutes. Or maybe I just fell asleep because it's the first weekend in a month without work or houseguest?

Home - Loved it. It doesn't waste effort trying to play to both audience levels, like the majority of kids movies, but does try to appeal to a broader, more diverse fanbase. The crowd scenes feature characters of different races and cultures, and while Jim Parson's alien, Oh, might be the initial draw in the previews (which showcases the majority of Oh's jokes), it's Rihanna's character, Tip who is the real star. It's Tip's adventure to find her kidnapped mother that drives the movie, while the growing understanding between Tip and Oh come in second. (And for a change, the alien is not the wise, all-knowing with something to teach humanity). I've read a lot of reviews talking about how important this movie is for young girls, especially non-white girls, and I agree, a million times yes! The look on my niece's face when she left the theater after seeing somebody who looks like her on screen is confirmation, however this movie shouldn't be ignored for little boys either. No, it's not 'for them', but kids are sponges - if they see variety, they'll accept it as the norm. I mean, my oldest still won't watch the original BSG because he can't get past Starbuck being a guy in that series - that's all he's ever known.

Atlantis rewatch. Trio remains one of my favorite episodes ever. If only because Jewel Staite may be queen of the reaction shots. Mostly I want a whole season of Sam, Rodney, and Jennifer go off and have adventures and mishaps throughout the galaxy.
The Last Man is a good episode in it's own right - a nice little AU, which I love. But of course it always makes me want to re-read [personal profile] mrspollifax's A Step Ahead of You. Because everybody needs a good cry, right?

A Step Ahead of You (8454 words) by mrspollifax
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Characters: Sam Carter
Additional Tags: Angst, Tragedy, Alternate Timeline, Alternate Universe - Canon, Episode: s04e20 The Last Man

In the chaos of battle, sometimes an instant might as well be an eternity.

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According to my Endomondo app, I've ran over 100km since the end of August. 122.99, to be exact. Possibly why my already old runners are starting to feel a little flat. I'm also going to need to maybe learn to make friends with the treadmill if I want to keep up this pace over the winter. Running outside at night is fantastic, frostbite and cold-triggered asthma, not so much.

Watched The Other Boleyn Girl last night and found myself near tears at the end, even though, and thank you PBS documentaries, I knew how it would end. The cinematography was gorgeous, with the use of mood setting color - golds and soft greens used for the idealistic country scenes, dark blues and greys for the cold and calculating Court. But it was Natalie Portman's Anne who really blew me away. It's easy to forget was a skilled actress Portman is, until you see her in a role this varied. Not that Scarlett Johansson is any slouch, but this version of the story portrays Mary as much gentler and even tempered than her sister Anne. I don't know how historically accurate the plot line was (see above, pretty cinematography), but it was an interesting angle portraying the Boleyn sisters time at King Henry's Court from Anne and Mary's point of view for the most part, putting a spin on, and adding complexity to the PBS versions that paints them as conniving and power hungry.

Fic rec for the Natasha/Steve folks on my list (and wow I haven't done this for a long time)'s older and probably I am the last to know as usual:
Without the Usual Cost of Labor by [personal profile] vain_glorious - "Someone just reported to SHIELD that whatever was stolen produced "viable offspring", and we're hoping that doesn't mean what we thinks is does," Bruce says, evidently deciding to take over for Tony after only one masturbation joke.
Baby!fic, kinda, wherein the entire story reads like a running Tony monologue. Sweet without being saccharine, and with a side serving of enough almost-crack to make me grin. Gen and PG.
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- Apparently I'm incapable of staying awake through the entirety of the first Iron Man movie. That's four attempts and four failures now. Always at the same spot. Subliminal messages, perhaps? Hypnosis?

- I'm four months behind on reading my National Geographic subscription and I feel kind of guilty about that because it was a gift. And it's not that I don't find the articles interesting; it's just that the theme of every single piece since the most recent editor took over seems to be how humans are destroying the planet. Even in a recent story about rare and dying languages, they managed to slip a line or two in about it. Now, I'm not oblivious to the impact humans have on our planet and how that shapes our cultures, far from it - one of my personal photography projects is documenting the wild spaces around where I live before they are swallowed up by development. But generally your NatGeo target audience is already well-aware of the fact and don't need the point driven home story after story. I just don't look forward to feeding my guilt complex every month by mail anymore.

- Checked out Defiance finally because I saw it had Rockne S. O'Bannon's name attached to it. Early show analysis? Needs more Muppets. That is all.

- I would be finished the sweater I've been working on all winter if I only had one arm. Didn't I just do this part? How do you keep interested in long projects when you're thisclose to the end?
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I have finally seen Avengers. Now I can READ ALL THE FIC!!!!

Recs, people? I especially want to know what happened in Budapest....

(actually, I think this is the first movie canon that I've actually wanted to read fic in. Possibly because the way they tied in the other movies hints at a wider, richer universe out there?)