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1. I have now beaten last year's record of one PB fill:

Find out I'm wrong (when I thought I was right) (2558 words) by ziparumpazoo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Longmire (TV), Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Walt Longmire/Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Characters: Walt Longmire, Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Additional Tags: Porn Battle, Outdoor Sex, Trucks
Summary: He's happy to ride shotgun for her.

2. My sister made me a new knitting bag for my birthday:
don't think there' sandy chance of mixing it up with anybody else's knitting... )
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- Apparently I'm incapable of staying awake through the entirety of the first Iron Man movie. That's four attempts and four failures now. Always at the same spot. Subliminal messages, perhaps? Hypnosis?

- I'm four months behind on reading my National Geographic subscription and I feel kind of guilty about that because it was a gift. And it's not that I don't find the articles interesting; it's just that the theme of every single piece since the most recent editor took over seems to be how humans are destroying the planet. Even in a recent story about rare and dying languages, they managed to slip a line or two in about it. Now, I'm not oblivious to the impact humans have on our planet and how that shapes our cultures, far from it - one of my personal photography projects is documenting the wild spaces around where I live before they are swallowed up by development. But generally your NatGeo target audience is already well-aware of the fact and don't need the point driven home story after story. I just don't look forward to feeding my guilt complex every month by mail anymore.

- Checked out Defiance finally because I saw it had Rockne S. O'Bannon's name attached to it. Early show analysis? Needs more Muppets. That is all.

- I would be finished the sweater I've been working on all winter if I only had one arm. Didn't I just do this part? How do you keep interested in long projects when you're thisclose to the end?
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And it's making me feel all twitchy. Gifted for Christmas, this is the loudest sweater I have ever owned. You could lose me in an electrical storm with this on:

I wonder if my family is trying to say something about my closet of browns, blacks, and forest greens? (with the occasional muted blue thrown in for color)

My 'little' brother is an arborist and a New Year's baby, so my sister made him a cake last week. Considering we come from a family that doesn't place a lot of value on art and the creation thereof and were never encouraged, she has some mad skilz with baked goods:
Tiiiiimmmmbeeeerrrrrrr! )


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