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2014 fic list

[personal profile] mrspollifax made me promise to do this, so...
I wrote much more than I thought this year, but posted little, so the list is short and only moderately sweet.

The Song of Sarah (The Long Road Home Remix) 5/2014 StarTrek: Deep Space 9; Sarah Cisco; Gen; ~1900 words; It’s not until much later that Sarah learns those missing years were not the waste she'd always thought. Remix 11 entry (links to original story on AO3 page)

Find out I'm wrong (when I thought I was right) 2/2014 Longmire bookverse; Walt/Vic; explicit; ~2500 words; porn battle entry: He's happy to ride shotgun for her.

First Press 2/2014 Almost Human; Dorian/John Kennex; mature; ~890 words; porn battle entry: Dorian has a problem. John has instructions.

A Fire Infolding 1/2014 Longmire bookverse; Walt/Vic; PG; ~1300 words; He found himself glad she hadn't wanted to be alone either.

Not really enough words to justify the full questionnaire, but a few thoughts:

The Song of Sarah. First and probably last time participating in Remix; it wasn't a bad experience, but it taught me that I just don't enjoy writing under pressure anymore. It did make me nostaligc for DS9 and I'm currently rewatching the Dominion invasion arc. After watching the later seasons of BSG, it's easy to see where Ron Moore was trying to take DS9 in those days but couldn't quite while keeping it family friendly. If somebody were to ever write me a Ben Sisco walks into a bar and meets Starbuck fic, I'd probably love them forever.

A Fire Infolding is basically moody!Walt and serious!Vic drink beers and stargaze. There is a lot of headcanon in that one that didn't make it to the page because it got used up in another, unposted fic. Also, sticking to that narrative style was hard!

First Press is basically a joke, setup, punchline, and rimshot, with a few cheeky asides tossed in. My second favorite format to write, after 5-thingses.

Find Out I'm Wrong... another moody!Walt piece, with bonus roadside smut. Or, an ode to dirt roads and bad country songs. Porn Battle was apparently good for the muse in 2014 because it generated half the posted fic. I don't even know what happened. Probably the lack of pressure for that kind of ficathon helps.


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