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I have been to the big box hardware store twice today, and the local hardware store three times. I think this might be a personal best.

Sad part is it was mostly to get parts to correct things the original builders were too lazy to do properly.
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With recent TOS-related shenanigans over on LJ, I've been debating following fandom suit and deleting my journal there too. I've decided against it.

- They have my data. They always have, since the first post. It's the nature of data replication for high-availability and backups. Since they don't publicly state their backup retention policy (other than to note that they keep your data for up to one year in the TOS), even if I delete today, it doesn't mean my content is gone. It's just not accessible to me.
- More content makes searching for something more difficult. While any type of search is probably carried out using scripts and keyword searches, the larger volume of data, the longer it takes to search. Realistically, my 589 posts are not going to slow it down that much, if at all, but it's a bit of electronic data noise and cover for journals that could be targeted.
- Fandom history. Oddly, I still get comments on older stuff posted here, even though it's all also hosted on AO3, so somebody has bookmarked links. I'm seeing more journals disappear without a forwarding address, more fic disappearing without any archiving, and the fangirl in me is a little sad at this.
- I've been very careful from the start to not post anything that could identify me personally, either in any post, or in my account settings. The TOS says I don't have to.

It goes without saying that you need to do whatever you need to do to feel safe online. I'm not saying everybody should stop deleting their journals. Not at all. These are just my reasons for leaving it where it is. I may stop cross-posting at some point, if only because my flist is a ghost town and most people who are still posting are here on DW.
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I used to write a lot. Then they have me the ProjectThatWouldn'tEnd at work, despite not having ever been a PM before, never mind one of this scale. I think it broke me temporarily because I haven't actually written anything in over a year.

Then [personal profile] elfin lamented the lack of Vic/Cady fic under the Longmire tag at AO3, and this happened. Words, how I missed you. S5 spoilers.

(I'll) Hold Your Hand Grenade
(3283 words) by ziparumpazoo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Longmire (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cady Longmire/Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Characters: Cady Longmire, Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Female Friendship, impromtu sleepovers, season five spoilers, appropriate use of swearing
"Have you ever killed a man? I mean, with your job, the chances of killing someone are higher than average, right?" In which nobody wants to go home alone.
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Probably the best thing about reading Joe Hill's novels are the offhand references to his father's books, like the mention of Midworld and Derry in NOS4A2, or Frannie Goldsmith in The Fireman (there's probably more I missed) . Like picking up a comfortable fic canon that references a bunch of other fic.
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My Endomondo running app has an auto-pause setting. It should be called the "had to stop and pet a dog" setting.

I use it a lot.
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Oh jeez it's been so long...

Swing (713 words) by ziparumpazoo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: partners to friends
Summary: They spar and she calls him for holding back against her, like she's made of bone china and he doesn't trust her not to break.

Or, how Natasha and Steve find their groove.

Or read here... )
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I might just have accidentally watch two-thirds of the first season of Agents of Shield.

Damn you Netflix! Damn you!
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I need to remember to actually post, instead of just writing them in my head...

Penguins of Madagascar - meh. What was funny in small doses is not so much over the course of ninety minutes. Or maybe I just fell asleep because it's the first weekend in a month without work or houseguest?

Home - Loved it. It doesn't waste effort trying to play to both audience levels, like the majority of kids movies, but does try to appeal to a broader, more diverse fanbase. The crowd scenes feature characters of different races and cultures, and while Jim Parson's alien, Oh, might be the initial draw in the previews (which showcases the majority of Oh's jokes), it's Rihanna's character, Tip who is the real star. It's Tip's adventure to find her kidnapped mother that drives the movie, while the growing understanding between Tip and Oh come in second. (And for a change, the alien is not the wise, all-knowing with something to teach humanity). I've read a lot of reviews talking about how important this movie is for young girls, especially non-white girls, and I agree, a million times yes! The look on my niece's face when she left the theater after seeing somebody who looks like her on screen is confirmation, however this movie shouldn't be ignored for little boys either. No, it's not 'for them', but kids are sponges - if they see variety, they'll accept it as the norm. I mean, my oldest still won't watch the original BSG because he can't get past Starbuck being a guy in that series - that's all he's ever known.

Atlantis rewatch. Trio remains one of my favorite episodes ever. If only because Jewel Staite may be queen of the reaction shots. Mostly I want a whole season of Sam, Rodney, and Jennifer go off and have adventures and mishaps throughout the galaxy.
The Last Man is a good episode in it's own right - a nice little AU, which I love. But of course it always makes me want to re-read [personal profile] mrspollifax's A Step Ahead of You. Because everybody needs a good cry, right?

A Step Ahead of You (8454 words) by mrspollifax
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill
Characters: Sam Carter
Additional Tags: Angst, Tragedy, Alternate Timeline, Alternate Universe - Canon, Episode: s04e20 The Last Man

In the chaos of battle, sometimes an instant might as well be an eternity.

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2014 fic list

[personal profile] mrspollifax made me promise to do this, so...
I wrote much more than I thought this year, but posted little, so the list is short and only moderately sweet.

The Song of Sarah (The Long Road Home Remix) 5/2014 StarTrek: Deep Space 9; Sarah Cisco; Gen; ~1900 words; It’s not until much later that Sarah learns those missing years were not the waste she'd always thought. Remix 11 entry (links to original story on AO3 page)

Find out I'm wrong (when I thought I was right) 2/2014 Longmire bookverse; Walt/Vic; explicit; ~2500 words; porn battle entry: He's happy to ride shotgun for her.

First Press 2/2014 Almost Human; Dorian/John Kennex; mature; ~890 words; porn battle entry: Dorian has a problem. John has instructions.

A Fire Infolding 1/2014 Longmire bookverse; Walt/Vic; PG; ~1300 words; He found himself glad she hadn't wanted to be alone either.

navel gazing )
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According to my Endomondo app, I've ran over 100km since the end of August. 122.99, to be exact. Possibly why my already old runners are starting to feel a little flat. I'm also going to need to maybe learn to make friends with the treadmill if I want to keep up this pace over the winter. Running outside at night is fantastic, frostbite and cold-triggered asthma, not so much.

Watched The Other Boleyn Girl last night and found myself near tears at the end, even though, and thank you PBS documentaries, I knew how it would end. The cinematography was gorgeous, with the use of mood setting color - golds and soft greens used for the idealistic country scenes, dark blues and greys for the cold and calculating Court. But it was Natalie Portman's Anne who really blew me away. It's easy to forget was a skilled actress Portman is, until you see her in a role this varied. Not that Scarlett Johansson is any slouch, but this version of the story portrays Mary as much gentler and even tempered than her sister Anne. I don't know how historically accurate the plot line was (see above, pretty cinematography), but it was an interesting angle portraying the Boleyn sisters time at King Henry's Court from Anne and Mary's point of view for the most part, putting a spin on, and adding complexity to the PBS versions that paints them as conniving and power hungry.

Fic rec for the Natasha/Steve folks on my list (and wow I haven't done this for a long time)'s older and probably I am the last to know as usual:
Without the Usual Cost of Labor by [personal profile] vain_glorious - "Someone just reported to SHIELD that whatever was stolen produced "viable offspring", and we're hoping that doesn't mean what we thinks is does," Bruce says, evidently deciding to take over for Tony after only one masturbation joke.
Baby!fic, kinda, wherein the entire story reads like a running Tony monologue. Sweet without being saccharine, and with a side serving of enough almost-crack to make me grin. Gen and PG.
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You know that moment when you get a comment on an old fic? So you go to thank them and end up accidentally reading a line or two of said fic because, well, it's old, and maybe you have fond memories of writing it? And then the line or two turns into reading all of said fic, and then you go to hit the kudos button because omg, who wrote this? The prose! I wish I could write prose like this...wait a minute... *facepalm*

And then you spend the rest of the day wondering when you stopped writing like that.

Other signs you might be a grouchy old lady of fandom: getting more than one kudo or comment at once on old fic and not being able to find out how they got directed there in the first place. Searching for recs used to be easy before twitter and tumblr and all the rest.
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I'm away from the office on training this week. Pros: I'm away from the office all week. Cons: the course isn't very good or as in depth as advertised. Sad when the other students are asking you questions because they are unsatisfied by the instructor's answers.

I thought long and hard for something witty or entertaining to post this week, but that ain't happening.
Here, have a picture of a duck photobombing my goose picture instead:

Also, it is officially fall.

Signal boost:[community profile] fringe_exchange sign ups are open. I'm not in a place where I can make that kind of creative commitment this year, but don't let that stop you from signing up. (It really is a low pressure exchange. And fun.)
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Fingers are crossed that Longmire gets a fourth season. I really enjoyed S3, even though it went a little darker than the first two. I think the stand-alone episodes were my favorite this year though - the writing seemed stronger when they weren't trying as hard to tie all the other subplots together. The cinematography remains pretty as ever.

We just finished watching both seasons of Orange Is the New Black and really liked it. I'm usually leery when a show is a critical darling like this, but was pleasantly surprised to find that while the show is billed as The Prison Adventures of Piper Chapman, A WASP's Tale, from the second or third episode on, the majority of the focus shifts to the other women in the prison around her. Piper becomes more of a gateway into the stories (and yes, they have actual stories, not just the roles of the token POC and queer inmate populations) of the other women. While often idealized for television, most of the backstories presented as character revealing flashbacks are revisited as they drive the current-day plot forward. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreakingly human, and often both in the same scene, OITNB has set a new standard for representation.

Also, if Kate Mulgrew had played her Captain Janeway to be as fierce and terrifying as her OITNB character, Red, the Borg would have turned their cubes on their corners and gotten the hell out of the Delta Quadrant. Damn.
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It's been so incredibly long since I last posted that I don't even know where to start. Short form: Got my boat operator's license card (it says I'm Competent. whoohoo!), recovering from a minor car accident takes way longer than I'd like (being 20 definitely wasted on 20 year olds), but the kayaking is helping with the upper back problems so long as I don't overdo it. I overdo it. Work was soul-crushingly busy. Went on holidays. Returned to work. Less soul-crushing, but still busy. I can live with that.

Some kayak photos:
here there be photos )

Started reading Wool by Hugh Howey, but had to put it down after the first chapter because those kind of gory bait-and-switch surprises are not what I'm looking for in my summer vacation reading.

Then I read The Giver by Lois Lowry, which I really enjoyed, right up until the ending, which I felt was a cheat for the character of Jonas. Again, the kind of twist not a summer reading priority, however the book is a deeper social commentary than it first appears and I'm still thinking it over.

Books I did enjoy so far this summer: The Martian by Andy Weir, for it's sly portrayal of space exploration in the Chris Hadfield-age of social media (not to mention that it's sometimes downright funny to the space exploration geek in me), and Percy Jackson - The Titan's Curse (Rick Riordan), because it was handy and surprisingly immersive for children's lit, despite the writing style.

Currently reading Mr. Mercedes (Stephen King) because at least I know to expect death and destruction and not to get too attached to any of the secondary characters (or even the ones in the opening chapters - no thank you Hugh Howey)

Watching: What, are you kidding? It's summer! Why are you people in front of your tv's?
Ok, seriously, watching Longmire still and I take back my grumblings at the beginning of season three about dropped plot lines. I'm going to need a second watch of this season end-to-end without all the Viagra commercials though. Graham Greene is killing me playing the bad guy after growing up watching him play mostly the stereo typical comedic or wise Indian roles on tv here.

So. Hi. How are you all?
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I signed up for Remix 11 and wrote a thing:

Title: The Song of Sarah (The Long Road Home Remix)
Fandom/Rating: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Gen
Characters: Sarah Sisko, Jake Sisko, Joseph Sisko
Summary: It’s not until much later that Sarah learns those missing years were not the waste she'd always thought.
Notes: Original story: In Due Season by [personal profile] beatrice_otter
AU because I was reminded that in canon, Sarah Sisko dies not long after leaving. She deserved a better fate.

The Song of Sarah (The Long Road Home remix) )

Remix rec

May. 12th, 2014 08:43 am
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Remix Redux 11 went live last night and I was the happy recipient of:

Dark and Stormy (The Last Tent Remix) (1442 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c (SG-1)

Sleeping in tents in a storm on another planet was just like old times.

A fantastic remix of Though Never So Rough and Grim (SG-1, Gen), it takes the snarky one-shot of an original and fleshes it out into something warm and nostaligic. All I can say is "squeeee!".
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1. I have now beaten last year's record of one PB fill:

Find out I'm wrong (when I thought I was right) (2558 words) by ziparumpazoo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Longmire (TV), Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Walt Longmire/Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Characters: Walt Longmire, Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Additional Tags: Porn Battle, Outdoor Sex, Trucks
Summary: He's happy to ride shotgun for her.

2. My sister made me a new knitting bag for my birthday:
don't think there' sandy chance of mixing it up with anybody else's knitting... )
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Been picking at other PB prompts and almost forgot I'd been messing with this one...

First Press (896 words) by ziparumpazoo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Almost Human
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dorian/John Kennex
Characters: Dorian, John Kennex
Additional Tags: handjobs, First Times, porn!fail, pornbattle
Summary: Dorian has a problem. John has instructions.

*non-photographic fannish content! *gasp!* IKR?
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I have written words! Apparently the secret is to pick the tiniest, quietest fandom? Linking here for completeness:

A Fire Infolding (1294 words)
Fandom: Walt Longmire Mysteries - Craig Johnson, Longmire (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Walt Longmire/Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Characters: Walt Longmire, Victoria "Vic" Moretti
Additional Tags: book canon, first person POV, Missing Scene
Summary: He found himself glad she hadn't wanted to be alone either.

Following up on the tiniest fandoms theme, a few PB prompts. Not sure if they'll pique anybody's interest, but I wouldn't even mind fills that qualified under the 'gen' or 'porn!fail' tags either, should anybody be looking for inspiration.